Korean Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KOCHAM)


Korean Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KOCHAM)


2nd Floor, 47 Nguyen Cu Trinh Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City


Ho Chi Minh


District 1


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Kocham the first elected president handonghui 10.

Came to take several positions during the Vietnam life in '23, this time assume the office of president is charged with 10 kocham a bit onerous position can not be afraid to take off the heavy responsibility we honor the deep emotion.

Organizations that recognize the importance of doing business here kocham position as well, and I am also pleased to take over the heads of the business and related organizations.

Kocham because it already has through the history and the process starts all around the 10 presidents tenure system consists of well wants to further strengthen the existing policy rather than changes in the special and substantiality. But I think it's time we look back to Vietnam while living in our own right to establish our behavior accordingly. So Gentleman membership in the party waging the campaign gatja to everyone during this term.

We should not forget the position of the guests here. And of course we work here, play a role in the economic development of Vietnam, and we also olrimyeo revenue, in the case of mutual win-win situation, but some Koreans that exists people to forget their situation and act carelessly. That these actions and the entire Korean residents in mind that adversely affects the image of the country believe that individuals all possess the heart to maintain an attitude of a diplomat on behalf of Korea and a Gentleman easy campaign ourselves, our businesses, We want to improve the country's price.

We will also do our best to help you get a lot for your lack kocham term president to unite with our steering committee to further develop the kocham organizations recognized as being a real help for businesses.

Please everyone happy and temperate kocham members and advance the enterprise.




Mr. Shin Dong Min


Mr. Kim, Heung - Soo

Mr. Gangdaeok

Mr. Gimtaegon

Mr. Gimhyeonho

Mr. Veteran civil

Mr. Baekingi

Mr. Streamlined

Mr. Award's Jackets


Ms. Kim Soon-ok

Mr. Kim Hyun-jung

Mr. Yijaedong

Ms. Thao

Ms. Ngoc

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