Viet Nam Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (VINASME)


Viet Nam Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (VINASME)


10F D, Sport Hotel, Hacinco Village


Ha Noi


Thanh Xuan


+84 4 3556 4499


+84 4 3556 4488




On 19th July 2005: 300 SMEs as membership & 2 provincial cooperative alliances as members.
VINASME, based in Ha Noi, was founded in 2005 to represent the interests of small and medium businesses. It is now Viet Nam’s largest business association. VINASME’s primary aims are to form a network of members who can share experiences and information, to communicate on relevant issues with the government, to distribute information to members, and to participate in discussions of policy related to SMEs. For example, between March 2012 and April 2013, VINASME wrote 11 evaluations proposing changes in government policies. This advocacy resulted in an amendment to the 2013 SME Credit Guarantee Fund, which now more clearly specifies the rights of SMEs. The association organizes forums and conferences on issues pertinent to SME owners, such as access to finance, taxation, customs, and government policy. The association has development partnerships with financial institutions to better support members’ needs in the finance sector. VINASME has also developed programs to support members’ use of technological innovation.  While VINASME is affiliated with the Ministry of Planning and Investment, business members still elect association officials, rather than them being appointed by the government. The association also participates in an inter-sector program, in cooperation with other business associations and government agencies, to support business competitiveness and resolve legal disputes. 




Mr. Nguyen Van Than

Vice President

Mr. To Hoai Nam

Mr. Dinh Hanh

Mr. Pham Hai Tung

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