Viet Nam Coffee and Cocoa Association (VICOFA)


Viet Nam Coffee and Cocoa Association (VICOFA)


Số 5 Ông Ích Khiêm, quận Ba Đình, Ha Noi


Ha Noi


Ba Dinh


+84 4 3733 6520, +84 04 3845 2818


+84 4 3733 7498




The logo of the Vietnam Coffee - Cocoa Association (referred to as VICOFA) indicates the letter V which is shaped by a coffee bean on its right branch. The bean’s S-shaped slit illustrates the coastal line of Vietnam. VICOFA is clearly put as text under the V.
Vietnam Coffee - Cocoa Association was established in accordance with the Resolution of the General meeting among its founder members on January 04, 1990, and recognized in the Decision No. 28/KTDN-TCCB dated January 22, 1990 by the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations, which is currently known as the Ministry of Trade and Industry.
As a non-governmental organization, VICOFA’s organization and operation are in conformity with the Law of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and the Regulation which was approved among the Members at the General Meeting and later ratified by competent State’s bodies.
Vietnam Coffee - Cocoa Association was established on the initiatives of its founder members, who subsequently convened the general meeting on January 04, 1990 in Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province. A 21 member Executive Board was elected at that VICOFA’s first General Meeting, and Mr. Doan Trieu Nhan, who was in charge of the General Director of Vietnam National Coffee Corporation, was selected as the Chairman of the Executive Board. The first Regulation of VICOFA was accordingly formulated, revised and finally approved by the Minister of Agriculture and Foodstuff Industry on February 19, 1992.




Mr. Luong Van Tu

Vice President

Mr. Nguyen Nam Hai

Mr. Doan Dinh Thiem

Mr. Do Ha Nam

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