Vietnam Electrotechnical Industry Association (VELINA)


Vietnam Electrotechnical Industry Association (VELINA)


P.18.1, Floor 18, CT1 VIMECO Building, Nguyen Chanh Street, Trung Hoa Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi


Ha Noi


Cau Giay


+84 4 6675 5646


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Vietnam Electrotechnical Industry Association is a nongovernmental volunteer and nonprofit organization; and is a bridge between enterprises operating in fields of research, manufacture, production, consultancy, erection, training, trading, using and managing the operation of Electrotechnical materials and equipments in Vietnam. The Association’s purpose is to link, cooperate, support and deal with economic, engineering and technological difficulties to continuously improve product value and meet the social demand, prior to Vietnam Electric Industry.

For 18 years of operation, the Association and member enterprises has contributed into a large market of Electrotechnical equipments, supplying enough Electrotechnical material and equipment to electric network under 35 kV, and a number of equipments which has tension of 110 kV, 220 kV and galvanized steel columns and bare aluminum cable to supply for electric network less than 500 kV. Now, a number of enterprises have produced covered cable for the demand for underground electric network in cities, mechanical tools, capacitors, kinds of electric engine, and electric and mechanism meters to society. During the last time, many enterprises have exported Electrotechnical equipments and materials to international markets such as: Southeast ASIA, America, Middle East ... and member enterprises’ export output  has reached to nearly USD10 millions.

In the short time, member enterprises has reached many great achievements such as producing electric material and equipment with high tech quality, providing National network with high safe and effective equipment. These have made great contribution to the State guideline of electric savings, following up the need for Electrotechnical materials of Electric Development Map VI.

During the last 18 years, Vietnam Electrotechnical Industry Association has been considered as a common shade of all member enterprises, a bridge between enterprises with State functional agencies, contributing much into the Industrialization and Modernization progress of State as well as giving ideas for the Party and State’s guidelines in terms of Electrotechnical development policy.




490 TCCP


Mr. Hoang Thai An

Vice President

Mr. Nguyen Manh Hung


Mr. Nguyen Manh Hung

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