Vietnamese Business Association in Russia (VBAR)


Vietnamese Business Association in Russia (VBAR)


The Hanoi-Moscow Multifunction Complex, office 305A, 146/2, YAROSLAVSKOE SHOSSE, 129347 MOSCOW, RUSSIA FEDERATION


Ha Noi


Cau Giay


+7 963 6773 399




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Association of Vietnam enterprises in the Russian Federation is a non-commercial organization, was founded on the principle of voluntary participation and equality among members.

Purpose activities of the Association are:

Bond Vietnam entrepreneurs operating on the territory of the Russian Federation to build and empower businesses to Vietnam, bridging, coordinating promotion and development of economic cooperation, trade, tourism and investment between Vietnam and the Russian Federation.

Fully support and defend the legitimate interests of entrepreneurs Vietnam all industries and sizes in the market of the Russian Federation, to encourage enterprises to Vietnam operation, collaboration and business efficiency and accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation.

EOR suction Vietnam entrepreneurs in Russia, the Russian and foreign enterprises to invest in the economy of Vietnam and the Russian Federation. Support and guide entrepreneurs Vietnam develop commodity markets, investment projects of production, business, create jobs for the community, contribute to the economy of the Russian Federation and Vietnam .




Mr. Tran Dang Chung

Vice President

Ms. Duong Hai An

Mr. Do Xuan Hoang

Ms. Trinh Viet Ngo

Mr. Le Truong Son

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