Overseas Vietnamese Business Association in Ho Chi Minh City (OVIBA)


Overseas Vietnamese Business Association in Ho Chi Minh City (OVIBA)


147 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City


Ho Chi Minh


District 3


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International trade in area scale as well as global scale, help developing material and spiritual value of every countries. For this reason, Overseas Vietnamese Business Association in Ho Chi Minh city of Vietnam (OVIBA) represents 150 of its members , community businesses of Overseas Vietnamese, in which there are lots of businesses of American-Vietnamese origin which are investing into Vietnam. We extremely desire your support the PNTR (Permanent Normal Trade) Regulation towards the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. To do that, you present your kind support for the common prosperity of all the world, especially supporting to reconciliation exertion, closing all distress in the past in order to build a stable friendly relationship between two nations. Without PNTR, commodities and variety service forms from Vietnam, which export to America, shall be born the average duty up to 35%. Consequently, American consumers shall also be born with high prices to hundreds of commodities and daily necessary services, the American-Vietnamese origin investors shall lessen their innovation and investing opportunity into Vietnam. It is really unfair, Vietnam up to now is still one of very little countries that has not been enjoyed PTNR Regulation from America yet but the main reason is still remaining differences of hostile stretch in the past. Giving PNTR Regulation to Vietnam shall be the last step in the prospect relationship normalization between two nations, it opens a road to the newly friendly relationship, which will bring benefits to everybody of two countries. Thanks to innovation task, Vietnam has become a country that has had strong impression on economic developing in past two decades, GDP growth is about 7.5% per year, society has been more and more expansive, material and spiritual life of the people have been developped with every passing day. It has been shown on everybody face, that almost foreingers who have opportunity to come to Vietnam have felt such event. PNTR Regulation to Vietnam, it also means new exporting opportunities by decreasing import duty, to strengthen distribution right, and to create lots of stable investment environment, and a more trustful and clear legal environment in Vietnam. In order that American businesses, including American-Vietnamese origin businesses can enjoy maximum benefits from Bilateral Trade Agreement, which has been signed in the year 2000, then PNTR Regulation cannot be unhappened. Giving PNTR Regulation matter to Vietnam, will not increase unemployment in America because commodities from Vietnam occupy only a small market-share, less than 0.4% import turn-over of America. We really desire that you will support to give PNTR Regulation to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam because of economic interest of American consumers, of American businessman, including American-Vietnamese origin businesses, and for the American - Vietnamese relationship more and more develop firmly in order to serve for interest of two nations at present and in future as well. We remain with our best regards. Respectfully Yours. On behalf of the Management Board and all members of Overseas Vietnamese Business Association in Ho Chi Minh city of Vietnam. 



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